Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charleston, Here I Come!

The much awaited trip to Charleston has finally arrived. After many weeks of preparation, I will be venturing off to the sandy beaches of South Carolina to run the Cooper River Bridge Run. Undoubtedly, this weekend will be a nice little mini-vaca from my hectic school life. How long has it been since I last went to the beach?

The bridge is a 10k, which is approximately 6.2 miles, and I am really looking forward to beating the Kenyans this year (in case you didn't know they usually run this in about 30 minutes -- or basically 5 minute miles). No big deal right? But in all seriousness, my aim is to run the entirety of the race and finish in under an hour. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
In preparation for the race, I have updated my Ipod, and plan on listening to Ellie Goulding and Ke$ha non-stop. Perfect playlist.

Following the race will be a day out on the beach (maybe a nap will come into play as well) and a much needed drink. Afterall, it doesn't make sense to be on the beach without a drink in your hand right? 
Saturday night brings the real fun. Furthur in Charleston with some very fun people. And for those of you who don't know who Furthur is, they are a band founded by the former members of the Grateful Dead. Jealous right? Needless to say, this weekend will consist of a lot of hair swaying and an overall good time.
Time is going to drag, as it always does when you are looking forward to something....

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