Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Am Always Right

It's true, I am never wrong. In any circumstance I am always right (most of the time). Lately, I have begun to wonder what leads me to this particular conclusion. Why do I feel that I am right about everything?

Being so stubborn is not a quality many people possess to the degree that I do. When I put my foot down, there is no going back and no hope for whomever is on the receiving end of the warpath I have just created. This has cost me many relationships in the past.  Not just relationships with the opposite sex; this has also gotten in the way of friendships and family to an extent.

Why is it so hard for me to let things go? Why must I hold grudges for so long when I have probably done far worse? Does this make me a hypocrite? Yes. Does this mean that I should never put my foot down? No.
Somehow, ordinary people are able to decide what is enough to be so stubborn. I, on the other hand, can hold a grudge until the day is young (I am always right, afterall). This has become more and more of a problem lately as I have begun to reflect on the decisions that I have made. Why is it so hard for me to suck up my pride and admit when I'm wrong?

The answer is simple, I am never wrong. That, or the fact that I am struggling between two (or three or four) different identities that encompass my body. Is it too late to get things figured out? It's never too late (and trust me, I am right about this).

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  1. Jamie, you are still young. Don't beat yourself up about this. Life will humble you in it's own time. I thought I was right about a lot of things for a long time, and then I got married and had children and realized how much I didn't know. I am still learning, just ask Louise.