Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double Vision

Have you ever stopped to wonder if there is someone else in this world that looks exactly like you? What if you were a twin at birth but were separated in the hospital? Okay, I see where this sounds like something off of Unsolved Mysteries, but these are serious questions!

I've always wondered where my look-a-like is, and what she is like. If I had a twin, I would like to think that she was so completely opposite people wouldn't believe we were related (if not for the fact that we looked exactly alike). Would my twin have my sense of style or would she like to do the same things in her free time? Would she have a pet cat named George?

I want my twin to be from Australia, with a cute accent. And I would like to think she loves the show Summer Heights High as much as I do (but maybe more since she is an Aussie). Would we be best friends, or complete opposites?

Legit questions, or too much time on my hands? You all may think differently once I find my other half. Terrorizing cities one by one...

1 comment:

  1. The summer before my senior year in High School I was chosen to go to Girl's State. I met my double there. Crazy!