Thursday, March 10, 2011

We All Have To Give Up Something Sometime

It's here again. That dreaded time of the year when we all willingly give up something near and dear to our hearts. As I look back on previous years of Lent, I can laugh at the fact that I gave up the silliest things; things that, at the time, were very unrealistic (given my lifestyle and life choices).

There was the year I vowed to give up bread. Now, let's be real here, 46 days is a VERY long time to go without eating bread of any sort (when, in fact, this made up about 50% of my diet at the time). I love bread about as much as I love cheese, or condiments for that matter. However, recently I have kicked the bad condiment habit... It's all a part of my new found, healthy lifestyle I have recently picked up on. Giving up bread is about as easy as giving up air consumption, for me it is inevitable that I will be partaking in the two.

So I thought maybe I could give up cheese? I have a girl friend who gave up cheese for Lent last year and the results were incredible (not that she needed to lose weight to begin with, but results were noticeable nonetheless). The more I think about giving up cheese, the more I get a headache. I'm getting too far ahead of myself.
I have permanently given up fast food and sodas, due to my diet regime. I have reserved a special day for these 'off-limit' items, and that day is called my 'cheat day'. Some people have a cheat meal, well I have a cheat day (which sometimes turns into a cheat week or cheat weekend, depending on how long I am at home visiting with my mom). Usually my 'cheat days' are set aside for the days where I know I will be drinking. Since this occurs less and less in my life, cheat days are building up very quickly. So for the most part, cheat days are really just 'hungover, unmotivated-to-eat-anything-good-for-me, lazy' days. And I'll take that.

Speaking of alcohol consumption, there was the year I decided to give up alcohol for Lent. Well, that lasted for about 3 hours. In my prime, I indulged in maybe a little too much alcohol consumption. Some call it a problem, I called it normalcy. But really, giving up alcohol while you are in college is just a pipe dream (especially when alcohol consisted of 80% of the fluids you were drinking on a regular basis).
Now would be a perfect time to give up alcohol for Lent, but now it just seems too easy. Like I am cheating in a game I am only playing with myself. I would like a challenge people! So I realize what I must give up......

As of lately, I have acquired a very dirty mouth. I have no idea where it came from. My mother always taught me to speak like a lady. Always BE a lady. I guess now is better than never on taking you up on your advice mom. Sorry for the delay...

My potty mouth is a trait I would definitely like to kick to the curb. Although I have full control over what I say, in the heat of the moment (ex: when a car pulls right in front of me) it's easier to 'talk the talk' rather than to 'walk the walk'. Besides, my young infant George doesn't need to hear foreign language when his mother stubs her toe, or sleeps through her alarm, or is on the telephone, or... well, you get where I'm going with this.
So here is to 46 days of a dirt-free mouth! And here is to hoping everyone succeeds in all of their Lent endeavors! See ya April 23rd!

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