Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Fat Tuesday, Let's Get Crazy

Happy Fat Tuesday Ya'll! Adding on to my streak of boringness, I am home alone watching a documentary when the world is out celebrating (or so goes the image I have concocting in my head). Further proof that my life is just at a stand still right now in the "fun" department.

Thank goodness for Netflix (and an ex-boyfriend who may or may not know I still use his account). When I have exhausted all other resources, I turn to my trusted Wii (which seems to provide unlimited amounts of fun). So far today I have finished a book while at work-- thank goodness for the ability to multitask, managed to wake up at 9:00, AND still have time for a much needed nap.

My mom always asks me what I plan to do in the real world where people don't actually nap... I simply laughed at the thought of this, because out of all my bad habits, napping is just something I cannot kick. Anyway, after this much needed nap, I tuned in to the documentary section of Netflix. 

If the chance ever arises, I highly recommend watching the Wal-Mart documentary. It is unbelievable how much this corporation gets away with. I am protesting this monopoly and encouraging my family to follow in my lead (oh I DO love being a trend-setter). But realistically my family seldom, if ever, shops at Wal-Mart to begin with. This is my petition to the world for everyone to stop giving them your business until they change their practices!

What does this have to do with Fat Tuesday? Nothing at all. Once again, I was just distracted by something on television. Is this a sign of ADD? Possib....... Oooh shiny red ball.

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