Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello 1990s!

Boone is such a beautiful place in the Summer. Although it is approaching 80 degrees, the wind makes it the perfect temperature. I can't imagine a place I would rather be in the summer months than this amazing town (the winter months are a completely different story).

On my day off I decided to run a few errands. And instead of driving, I decided to be eco-friendly and walk instead. This not only helps the environment, but it also promotes a healthier lifestyle for yours truly.
And what did I wear on my adventure around town? An honest Boone outfit consisting of: a headband, air-dried hair, graphic tee, neon shorts, side bag (of course), and these puppies...
So yes, I did just bring these back. Not only do they provide ultra comfort, but let's face it people, these are a hot ticket item. And if anyone is stylin' and profilin' in Boone, it's me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Now or Never

I have met my true love. We bonded Saturday night over a conversation that emerged due to the fact that I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe. What can I say, I have always been so graceful. After a quick exchange of numbers, I was off to sit on top of rooftops.

After a few days of texting (which is my preferred method of communicating), my dream-boat and I decided we would get lunch today. However, this presented numerous obstacles. First and foremost, I don't necessarily remember his name. I know it is either Alex or John (maybe Steven), and I am utterly incapable of recalling what he looked like. Give me a break people, it was dark when I met him and approaching 2 am.
So I did what any other girl does, I asked my friends for their support. After getting a brief description of what they thought he looked like, I agreed to meet this mystery man. Until today. At 11: 33 I backed out on our "meeting" (a date involves a meal that doesn't have an option of a lunch combo). So in this fight or flight scenario, I decided to fly.

Rather than dealing with the awkwardness that comes along with getting to know someone new, I decided to conveniently 'be sick for the day'.  What is wrong with me? I meet a guy who has all the qualities I look for:

1. He was tall. This is one instance where I like when people look down on me.
2. He was sober. I like a guy who will be able to take care of me if duty calls.
3. He is college educated. I've run into some issues here in my previous dating life.
4. His job involves two of my favorite activities; drinking and dancing. And no, I was not initially attracted to him because he worked in a bar.

Regardless, all of these benefits still weren't enough for me to meet with him today. I guess my mom was right, George should be the only boy in my life. I'm starting to question her motives for the purchase of George in the beginning.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Human Again

Due to a very eventful weekend, the Blackberry has finally had it. Numerous 'drops' of my beloved phone have led to her ultimate demise. And although the replacement phone I have now is nowhere near what I had before, I'm not really in a position to be too picky.

After an agonizing two days without a cellular device, I have returned to civilization. Although the ordeal was short-lived, my time without a phone led me to an enlightenment of sorts. I now realize that I do not need a phone to live, I do not necessarily have to text every minute of the day, and mobile uploads of George can wait...

Honestly, if you thought I was serious, that last comment should have re-directed your suspicions. If anything, my time without a phone showed me how utterly incapable I would have been living in a time when this type of technology was just a dream. And even though my temporary phone isn't as 'smart' as I would like it to be, at least I don't have to deal with this guy's issues...


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recently, I have begun to reflect on how I was as a teenager. After coming into contact with this subgroup on a regular basis in my job profession, I began to think back on my youthful days. Not that I am ancient now, but in a sense, more mature.

I think of my teenage angst only a few short years ago. And angst is an understatement. I was a horrid child at times.  Undoubtedly, I thought I had the world figured out and I was simply waiting for everyone else to catch up with me. My poor mother.
This realization, and the fact that it was just Mother's Day, led me to the conclusion that my mother is simply a saint. I mean this in the literal sense, not in a facetious way. Without her guidance and constant support, there is no telling what my present status would look like. Time and time (and time and time and time......) again my mother had the patience to deal with my issues and once again, set me in the right direction.

This also led me to question my ability to parent. If I am anything like my mother, there will be no worries. However, it's obvious we haven't seen eye to eye a few (or countless) times. Although this could be due to the fact that these squabbles occurred in my prime, there is still that possibility that I won't be able to live up to this standard my mother has set in place.

In the end, my appreciation for my mother continues to grow substantially. If you are lucky enough to have your mother in your life, you should tell her this everyday. Although Mother's Day is a special day set aside during the year, the appreciation for your mother should never go unnoticed. Plus, if I am ever worried about my potential to mother, I am always able to drop the children off at grandma's.

I love you dearly Mom and am thankful for you not only on Mother's Day, but everyday!