Monday, October 31, 2011

A GOOD Case of the Mondays

I woke up today feeling a little less stressed than I have been in the past few days. Instead of procrastinating, like I have been so accustomed to my entire life, I decided to get a head start on my midterm that is due tonight. Now instead of waking up feeling anxious and stressed, I can actually have a good Monday, crazy right?

It is always better to start the week out on a positive note rather than having a "case of the Monday's"... so here is what I am loving today:

1. I love waking up to a cold apartment. No, seriously, I love it. I dread turning on the heat -- I hate hot air blowing on me for some reason -- however, I had to turn the heat on (finally) Saturday when we got snow flurries here. Our apartment is set to a cool 64 degrees, the perfect temperature.

2. I love having a completed workload for the week. I started my work early, and have finally finished (after a long and somewhat delirious night at the library) my 18 page midterm. That's right, 18 pages for an exam. And surprisingly it went smoother than I could have ever imagined.

3. I love reading blogs that aren't full of pictures and fashion. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at these blogs for inspiration, but I like hearing about what my friends are doing. When you get older, you separate from your friends. You move to different cities, work in different industries, and lead different lives than you used to. That is where modern technology comes in handy. It helps me keep up with friends close and far away. In this way, I can vicariously live through girlfriends and feel as if I am right there with them, even if our new lives don't allow that right now.

4. I love being independent. I know I have said this before, but now the word seems to have some new meaning as of late. After recently being able to let go of some of the bottled up emotions I have had stored for quite some time, I am able to look at my life in a completely different perspective. Sometimes you spend your life wanting something so badly, only to realize you were wrong (or misguided) on what it was you actually wanted. Everything comes in due time and rather than focusing my wants on something new, I am enjoying just being me.

5. Finally, I am loving the fact that I have my flight to NYC booked. Thanks to the quick service of Bank of America, I received my new debit card in the mail on Saturday. Who knew I could go an entire week without needing one?! After booking my flight today, I am set and ready to visit the Big Apple again in less than two weeks. It doesn't hurt that it there is a huge electronic music festival that weekend either. Trouble is surely to follow.... Only kidding mom.

Happy Halloween! And Happy Monday! Start your week out on the right foot.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do It Yourself

Recently, my obsession with Pinterest has gotten a little out of hand. I will catch myself pinning instead of getting reading done, or browsing the website for a new outfit idea. And now thanks to my roommate, I have enabled mobile Pinterest, so the pinning never stops. Just when I thought nothing could top Facebook....

I honestly could not live in a time without modern technology. Just the thought of surviving without a cell phone or a computer makes me feel ill. Therefore, I am utterly thankful for websites such as these that afford me with a little break from much dreaded "real life".
With that being said, I have been in a very crafty mood lately. I want to make something. I want to do something that makes me happy. I want to craft people! Whether it be making something in the kitchen, a piece of jewelry, or something to help me organize my life, tomorrow has been set aside as a "me" day.

Given some recent events that have taken place in my life, I have been thinking a lot. Thinking drives me crazy. I need to stop driving my own self crazy. What better way to take my mind off of things than to spend a day making things?
The fact that tomorrow is also the last nice day we will have in Boone for a few months doesn't hurt either. Who knows... maybe I will take my crafting outdoors! I really am not looking forward to the 40 degree weather coming our way. How do you look cute in 30 mph winds?! With a website like Pinterest, I'm sure there is an answer to this question.

Here are a few ideas that have really drawn my interest. Starting out small, I hope to make all of these things sooner than later.

Given my interest in "hippie bracelets" as my friends would like to call them, these DIY wrap bracelets would be the perfect addition to my collection. And instead of dropping big bucks to build a collection this big, I can make them for a fraction of the cost. And add a personal touch.

My jewelry obsession doesn't stop with bracelets, I have recently begun to purchase chunky necklaces. Thus far, I have been storing them in a jewelry organizer which can tangle them and bend them out shape. This easy DIY project consists of things I already have at home: A towel bar and shower hooks. How easy is that? Put this little number in my closet and complete organization will surely ensue.

This idea is one of my favorites. Instead of searching through your cosmetic bag, take an old frame, paint it whatever color your little heart desires, get a magnetic backing and some magnets and you are set to go. I am a very visual person, so being able to see everything right in front of my face is essential. Whoever came up with this idea, many thanks.

This idea is sew cute! Clever, eh? Take all those bobby pins that I use on a regular basis and add some flare. I love the vintage feel here. This DIY project may be asking a little too much out of my unexperienced self, but the idea is still tempting for the over-achiever in me.

Lastly, this little diddy is perfect for the monogramming inner freak in me. As I have stated before, I am completely obsessed with monograms. This DIY project is so easy. Take a backless frame and some stick-on decals and you have a masterpiece. With the right material and good monogramming skills, you could take this idea in many different directions.

Who knows? I may even get really adventurous and try my hand in the kitchen. But I think I already know how well that would turn out. I'm no Suzy Homemaker, so God bless the poor soul that has to eat anything I make. Pictures of my DIY project coming soon. Let's just keep our fingers crossed I don't injure myself in the time being trying to create a masterpiece.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie

After a very long, eventful weekend, it is back to reality. Fortunately for me, my school week is over. Having only two classes a week does come in handy (grad school does have its perks after all). And now that I have had time to process last weekend's festivities, I think it's time for me to get out of this town for a little while... One of many little vacations if you will.

First on the departure list is a quick trip to Athens for Halloween weekend. Going to see a good show with some good friends is exactly what I need right now... Forget schoolwork and a midterm I have on Monday, right? You are only young once...
Next weekend it's time for a road trip to visit some old college friends and enjoy a weekend of fun, laughter, brews, and football (that sounded manly). I am a little hesitant traveling to Greenville again, we don't really have a great history -- hopefully that will change upon my arrival next weekend.

And the trip I'm most looking forward to is only a few short weekends away.. NYC. After visiting this past summer, I literally could not get enough. Being there for only four days definitely was not enough, and I need my fix. On the agenda for the NYC trip is to just let loose with my main girl, maybe see a few shows, hit the town, and fix that little problem on Wall Street.

I'm really hoping these adventures will help me clear my head, not think about school for a while, and just remind me that there is more out there than this teeny tiny town. I'm starting to go crazy here with all of these teeny tiny boppers. Bye bye birdie, this girlie's gotta fly.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pay It Forward

You know that feeling you get when you do something nice for someone else? You don't necessarily have to go out of your way or exert much effort at all, the smallest of acts is really all it takes. And what you are left with is an overwhelming sense of happiness and reward.

I recently stumbled upon a blog about a woman who celebrated her 37th birthday by doing 37 different random acts of kindness. Some of the acts were small gestures, while others were really just refreshing to hear about. This story opened my eyes to the way I have been living lately, and really encouraged me to make some positive changes in my life.

Recently, I have really been letting people get to me (one person in particular... ahem my advisor). It has taken the encouraging words of wisdom from my mother to help me push forward when all I really want to do is just lay down and cry. But why do I let people get to me on this level? Why am I not able to shake things off and keep on moving?

The random acts of kindness story really made me question what is important in life. It's not the small things, it's not a grudge you have been holding onto, it's not deadlines and work; the important things in life revolve around genuine happiness. And there is nothing in this world that makes me feel so good as when I do something for someone else.

I started my own version of 'paying it forward' today with a customer at work. Something as small as giving someone a discount for the next time they visit really made them happy, which in turn made me very happy. I have had a smile on my face for the entire day because of this, and I plan to make an effort to do something small for someone everyday from now on.

What has made you happy today? And, more importantly, what have you done to bring about happiness today? Everyone can use a smile.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parents Say the Darndest Things

With the advance of technology, some parents are left in the dust when it comes to keeping up with modern times. And texting is definitely no exception. I have recently stumbled upon a website that illustrates what happens when parents learn to text. After spending several minutes (ahem, it was more like several hours) perusing what the website had to offer, I found myself close to tears just because it was so funny.

This made me think of my own Mom and the stuff that she says sometimes. I can remember when she first learned the art of texting on her beloved Razor phone (R.I.P. Razor, for you are still dearly missed by her). Starting out as a beginner, she has most definitely worked her way up to professional status in the texting department.

She also has provided me with endless entertainment with her texts. Just a simple text status update can really make my day. To be highly entertained check out this website: When Parents Text. I promise you will not be disappointed!

And I will leave you with a few personal favorites from my Mom from the past text cycle:

Mom: Have you been abducted?
Me: No response...

Mom: I'm starving.

Mom: We can go on a walk now. I'll put my sports shoes on.

It's funny how simple texts like these can really make my day. So thank you Mom! I love you, and keep the texts coming!