Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie

After a very long, eventful weekend, it is back to reality. Fortunately for me, my school week is over. Having only two classes a week does come in handy (grad school does have its perks after all). And now that I have had time to process last weekend's festivities, I think it's time for me to get out of this town for a little while... One of many little vacations if you will.

First on the departure list is a quick trip to Athens for Halloween weekend. Going to see a good show with some good friends is exactly what I need right now... Forget schoolwork and a midterm I have on Monday, right? You are only young once...
Next weekend it's time for a road trip to visit some old college friends and enjoy a weekend of fun, laughter, brews, and football (that sounded manly). I am a little hesitant traveling to Greenville again, we don't really have a great history -- hopefully that will change upon my arrival next weekend.

And the trip I'm most looking forward to is only a few short weekends away.. NYC. After visiting this past summer, I literally could not get enough. Being there for only four days definitely was not enough, and I need my fix. On the agenda for the NYC trip is to just let loose with my main girl, maybe see a few shows, hit the town, and fix that little problem on Wall Street.

I'm really hoping these adventures will help me clear my head, not think about school for a while, and just remind me that there is more out there than this teeny tiny town. I'm starting to go crazy here with all of these teeny tiny boppers. Bye bye birdie, this girlie's gotta fly.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your upcoming New York trip! I want to go so badly! I went for the first time when I was in 8th grade, but I like to go again, just for fun! Post pictures!