Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parents Say the Darndest Things

With the advance of technology, some parents are left in the dust when it comes to keeping up with modern times. And texting is definitely no exception. I have recently stumbled upon a website that illustrates what happens when parents learn to text. After spending several minutes (ahem, it was more like several hours) perusing what the website had to offer, I found myself close to tears just because it was so funny.

This made me think of my own Mom and the stuff that she says sometimes. I can remember when she first learned the art of texting on her beloved Razor phone (R.I.P. Razor, for you are still dearly missed by her). Starting out as a beginner, she has most definitely worked her way up to professional status in the texting department.

She also has provided me with endless entertainment with her texts. Just a simple text status update can really make my day. To be highly entertained check out this website: When Parents Text. I promise you will not be disappointed!

And I will leave you with a few personal favorites from my Mom from the past text cycle:

Mom: Have you been abducted?
Me: No response...

Mom: I'm starving.

Mom: We can go on a walk now. I'll put my sports shoes on.

It's funny how simple texts like these can really make my day. So thank you Mom! I love you, and keep the texts coming!

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