Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gotta Have It....

Well, the end of summer does come with perks after all... The change in weather requires a few must haves for this season (and in my ideal world, these would be ideal in any season.. although I know a few who may beg to differ).

The first essential is a nice pair of riding boots. After looking high and low, I have finally found the perfect pair (and for the perfect price)! I am very particular about my boots, and I don't like anything flashy... just a classic pair with no extra bells and whistles. Where on Earth did I find this perfect pair? Why, Facebook of course. Thanks to an old high school friend, I was able to purchase these puppies over the phone and they are en route as we speak.

These beauties will look perfect with any cute little dress and tights, or skinny jeans and an oversized poncho... Which I happened to purchase while I was at home last weekend. A few dresses from Francesca's, another hidden treasure of a dress found at Express (much to my mother's chagrin), a few cardis from little boutiques, and a few tops and ponchos from Target (love!) have recently been added to my wardrobe... All of which will look great with these boots. I sure do love a good deal.

Another Fall essential is a nice oversized bag. While I am particularly partial to my sidebag collection (which consists of all of two bags thus far), I am in search for a bigger option. Rather than opting for a new Longchamp, I have been eyeing a few JPK bags. Something that could serve as a purse and a book carrier is ideal for the student in me.
 Not too big, not too small, this bag is simple yet elegant with the chunky gold hardware... And, if I decide to add on to my sidebag collection, they even make those! A dream for this girl! And while the deep red color is perfect for Fall, it may not be the perfect color for my next Fall must-have... so maybe I will stick to a more neutral color, like a taupe or a black.

Now I know I have you wondering what on Earth this cute little red bag couldn't go with... And without further adieu I bring to you THE FALL MUST HAVE... Hatsacks! And for those of you who are wondering what these 'hatsacks' are, let me fill you in on the best kept secret around (at least here in Boone). These hatsacks are actually berets, which have definitely come back into style. I started my hatsack collection with one lone orange hat... That orange hat sparked an addiction I can't seem to shake. Since the first purchase of my admired hat, I have added 3 more hatsack friends to the equation (one of which was a Christmas gift from my own Mother)!

As my girls Beyonce, Riri, and Fergilicious point out: these hats are here to stay. So get one before they're all gone (probably by me).

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