Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Another Reason to Love Ke$ha

As if this little bundle of joy couldn't get any sweeter.... she does. Ke$ha has been named the Humane Society's first global ambassador! Although she may seem to be a completely disheveled mess, she really has some compassion in there somewhere (sounds like someone I know)..

Even though she may be off the wall, and sometimes in need of a make-over, I have loved this girl since her hit song Tik Tok stole my heart (and followed me around everywhere I went). And I guess it's not too appropriate to call her a "girl" since she is about my age (actually, a little older.... which still makes me cool). But when I say "girl", I mean she is my "homegirl". And by protecting the rights of animals, she is even more of my homegirl.

So in honor of our new global ambassador, I am going to be listening to Ke$ha non-stop and spreading the word about how selfless she is. I may even try to incorporate her into my thesis: Ke$ha and Politics... it has a nice ring to it.


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