Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'll Drink to That....

So, if I haven't said it enough, I am getting too old for this college town (first time hearing that one right?).. Although I cherish my friendships with my somewhat younger girl friends here, going to Klondike just isn't my thing anymore (yes, I said it). It's just something about that trailer that makes me feel like.... a pedophile. Although I have some very fond memories of the trailer we like to call a "bar", it just lacks a luster it once had. Maybe this is due to the fact that I am now of a legal drinking age and am not looking to "scope out the scene".

However, with a few visits from some old friends, I'm sure to make an appearance there once or twice to relive my glory days. And this, my friends, is the really exciting part. I love having visitors, enjoying a care-free weekend, and momentarily forgetting about school obligations. That is why the next few weeks are going to be phenomenal. Every weekend until November I have something lined up either visiting friends, or having them head this way.

What I am most looking forward to is Homecoming, and a jam-packed apartment. What is better than one or two friends visiting you? A whole bunch of them. And believe me, I am in much need of some QT with some of these people. Back to normalcy, kind of. A few trips to Wilmington won't hurt either... One perk to being older: you have friends scattered all around the place (and infinite mini-vaca opportunities).

And even though it is only Sunday, here's to the weekend! And a little musical motivation...

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