Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Now or Never

I have met my true love. We bonded Saturday night over a conversation that emerged due to the fact that I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe. What can I say, I have always been so graceful. After a quick exchange of numbers, I was off to sit on top of rooftops.

After a few days of texting (which is my preferred method of communicating), my dream-boat and I decided we would get lunch today. However, this presented numerous obstacles. First and foremost, I don't necessarily remember his name. I know it is either Alex or John (maybe Steven), and I am utterly incapable of recalling what he looked like. Give me a break people, it was dark when I met him and approaching 2 am.
So I did what any other girl does, I asked my friends for their support. After getting a brief description of what they thought he looked like, I agreed to meet this mystery man. Until today. At 11: 33 I backed out on our "meeting" (a date involves a meal that doesn't have an option of a lunch combo). So in this fight or flight scenario, I decided to fly.

Rather than dealing with the awkwardness that comes along with getting to know someone new, I decided to conveniently 'be sick for the day'.  What is wrong with me? I meet a guy who has all the qualities I look for:

1. He was tall. This is one instance where I like when people look down on me.
2. He was sober. I like a guy who will be able to take care of me if duty calls.
3. He is college educated. I've run into some issues here in my previous dating life.
4. His job involves two of my favorite activities; drinking and dancing. And no, I was not initially attracted to him because he worked in a bar.

Regardless, all of these benefits still weren't enough for me to meet with him today. I guess my mom was right, George should be the only boy in my life. I'm starting to question her motives for the purchase of George in the beginning.

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