Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's All About The Benjamin's Baby

My frivolous spending has gotten me into trouble, yet again.  However, this time it is not an impulse buy or a splurge I am regretting; it is ever investing in a debit card that really is bothering me today.

For the second time in the span of two years, someone has gotten hold of my debit card information. You think I would learn the first time but you know my pattern of decision making, I don't need to explain further. Actually, this time it was not my fault. Somewhere I used my debit card and entered my pin in a facility where my card was scanned! Unbelievable right? Who are we supposed to trust nowadays? (wow, I do sound old)
Someone in Washington DC is living it up right now, thanks to the $700 they conveniently came into possession of today (I am a good Samaritan afterall). What kind of luck do I have to be the lucky recipient of this not one time, but two (my mother would say this is not luck at all, rather it involves karma).

The first time this happened to me I purchased several mattress toppers for a special someone in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the goods never reached them and I am still on the lookout for that special somebody today. I admit, the first time WAS my fault. My addictive online shopping behaviors are what ultimately cause my demise. But this time is a completely different story.

If people can simply scan your card and your pin number when you think you are making a secure transaction, who can you trust? It makes me want to withdraw all my cash and stash it under my mattress (I guess it was a mistake in telling you all this grand idea). And although this idea makes me only sound more old and senile by the minute, I would be willing to risk that for my dear Benjamin's.

Now how am I ever going to be able to save up for my retirement?

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