Monday, February 6, 2012

The Cynical Girl's View on Love

Hello blogging world, I have returned. After somewhat of a dry spell of my creative juices, the quickly approaching Valentine's Day has given me something to talk about. I can't wait to get roses and flowers and candy from my make believe boyfriend, he truly knows how to spoil me.

YEAH RIGHT. For the umpteenth time in I don't know how long, I am forced to realize that, yet again, I am single (as if this isn't brought to my attention on a daily basis). I swear if I see one more mushy gushy facebook post about how in love someone is, I am going to lose it. And I mean lose it. Like I might just have to deactivate facebook for a hot minute.

Valentine's Day is just the absolute worst for single ladies. It wasn't always bad in the past, when I had my best gal friends still living in Boone and we could laugh at the fact that we were single and drown the rest of our sorrows in a bottle of wine (or two, or three... or how many ever it took). But now these friends have moved on, gotten big girl jobs (gross), and some have gone as far as to get engaged (even more gross)! The audacity of my friends I tell ya!

Therefore, I have made it my mission this February 14th to not participate in this ridiculous holiday (should be easy considering my current single status). Instead, I am making the "single girl's guide to survival" kit for all my other homies out there who don't need a man to make it... Sorry I got a little carried away there. Due to the fact that I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur on advice and love, I have created an agenda for the single girl on that dreaded day. Stick around, this should get interesting...

First and foremost you must load up on ammunition. Eggs, tomatoes, and other easily splattering vegetables should suffice. Whenever you see happy couples holding hands or smiling or being pleasant in the least bit you are permitted to launch the first shot.

But seriously, keeping yourself busy helps. Go out for a run if the weather is nice. Finish a book you haven't had time to fully complete. Go buy a cat. You know, regular stuff like that. You can also make Valentine's Day into a day where you over-indulge on the things you love the most. Personally, I plan to go out to a really fancy dinner somewhere with my roommate. But keep in mind that, with this plan of action, you run the risk of running into a plethora of those happy couples I previously mentioned. And I don't think throwing food in a fancy dining establishment would be considered appropriate, but I have been wrong in the past.

Just keep in mind that this is one measly day in the 365 day calendar and it will be over as quickly as it began. Unfortunately it will be back again next year, rearing it's ugly head. Also, keep in mind your own happiness. If you are a happy single girl, like I am most of the time, take pleasure in the fact that you are confident exactly where you stand. You aren't settling for some mediocre guy just because all your other friends are doing it. As of late, I have entertained the idea of settling for one particular mediocre guy just because I was bored. Come to think of it, I'm fairly certain this is how all of my relationships have evolved. Wow, I am predictable.

It's hard for anyone else to hold a candle to my main man George anyway. He sets the bar pretty high. Damn that cat and all of his cuteness!

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  1. Welcome Back! I have missed your entertaining blogs.