Friday, February 10, 2012

I Need a Vacation

I have a case of the Winter-time Blues. Being the oldest possible specimen in this town doesn't help the fact either. Although school will be over in May, I can't seem to find the motivation to get anything accomplished. But hey, what else is new?

In my mind I have checked out of school. At this point in my school career, amidst writing my thesis (which will inevitably determine if I earn a degree... no biggie) and juggling other tasks and assignments, "checking out" is a dangerous concept. All I can manage to do is daydream about tropical islands and look for the best cities to move to in August. I already have this school stuff figured out, why can't they just give me that piece of paper!
Isn't it funny how we always want what we don't have? Ask any of my "working" friends and they will tell you they would go back to school in a heartbeat. On the flipside, the remainder of my friends left in school can't wait to get out, myself included. You try going almost twenty non-stop years in school and see how much that thrills you! Eh, I am extra whiny today huh?

The up-side to this current dilemma: I take lots of breaks between my research (case in point). One of my new recent developments in distractions has been running... omg, who am I?! But seriously, it gives me a chance to recollect my thoughts and release stress. Lord knows being a single mother can be very stressful; George, why you gotta give me the runaround? 
An upcoming 10k also gives me the motivation I need to get out there and run. The last weekend in March I will be making my way to Charleston with some of my best gal friends to eat some good food, relax, enjoy QT with people I don't get to see that often, and oh yeah... run over a bridge. A little mini-vaca during the process won't hurt either.

I did the bridge run last year with people that I worked with. It was such a great experience, and afterwards I felt so proud of myself. Really looking forward to it again this year. Hopefully my exercise and healthy-eating habits continue after the race this year (something that obviously didn't happen last year... your girl loves food).

Luckily for me, I have an Ipod full of podcasts and songs to make running that much easier. Want to know what I listen to while I'm out there tearing up the Greenway? Well I thought you would never ask! All I have to say is: Just try not dancing to this. And, yes, that was in fact a challenge.
Have a very enjoyable Friday night people! I am back to hitting the books, and laying the theoretical foundation for the analysis within my thesis. And that, my friends, is something I thought I would have never, EVER, said on a Friday night. Time's they are a changin'!

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