Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Bravo TV has got to cut it out. I mean really, why must they tempt me with their reality shows while I am trying to get work done? My guilty pleasure tonight: Millionaire Matchmaker Reunion. I love me some Patti Stanger, that girl keeps it real.

Watching this show gives me the chance to think about what I look for in a guy. If I had my own personal Patti, who would she match me up with? We all know I don't necessarily have a "type" per se, but there are a few things that my potential new beau must have.

-- A sense of humor. I need a guy who can laugh with me and make me laugh in return. How boring would a relationship be without laughter?
-- A backbone. I have been in a few relationships where the guy had absolutely NO backbone. This is nowhere near attractive, it's actually a huge turn-off. Not to get this confused with just being a total jerk either. There needs to be a happy medium.
-- Manners. I don't get all bent out of shape if the guy has a few mishaps here and there during our relationship. But there are some things guys should always do. Like pay for the first date (believe it or not, this issue has arisen in my previous dating life), or initiate conversations instead of waiting on you to make the first move. Pride should never get in the way in a relationship.
-- Height. I know I'm a little bit on the tall side, but shorties need not apply. I usually date guys around my height, but have yet to find the super tall stud of my dreams.
-- A close relationship with his family. You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he treats his mama.
-- Goals. There isn't a bigger turn-off in my book than a guy that has no ambition or goals in life. I certainly don't float around aimlessly, I don't want my partner to either.

Obviously there are more requirements to my ever-growing list: I like guys with nice teeth, guys that drive big non-girly cars, a guy with a sense of style, intelligence (duh, he has got to be able to keep up with me), and the list goes on. Unfortunately for me, I don't have Patti Stanger to help me with my quest. Fortunately for me, my mother proves to be even tougher than my girl Patti. You ask how this is possible? Just take my word for it.

For the first time in my life I am not settling. In just a few short weeks I will have been a single girl for an entire year. That sounds silly saying, but coming from a "relationship-girl" it is definitely a feat. Luckily for me, I have plenty of things to do to occupy my time, and as we all know I already have my number one man: George. And who needs more than a loving feline in life? All I want for Christmas is my perfect match. No biggie, a girl can dream right?

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