Sunday, November 6, 2011

Working for the Weekends

Well, after a few days of 'me' time, I'm back. Phew, you can all rest easy now. Only kidding.... After a very eventful weekend, it is nice to be back to my second home in Boone. This weekend flew by, but isn't that always the case when you're having a good time?

Greenville never disappoints, and this weekend was no exception. After going out on the town, running into some old high school friends, attending a blowout game, and catching up on some much needed quality time with old friends, I am excited to get back to my routine. Wow, I sound old. But seriously, sleep tonight is much anticipated.

Southern Miss absolutely killed ECU on Saturday, but it was nice to be in the company of good people in a town where my Mom attended college. It was so weird to think about me being in the same spots she had been just a few very short years ago. I would love to plan another trip down there with her sometime, to let her relive her college days and share a piece of her history with me. How fun and so very special.

Maybe not as much fun as the guy who decided streaking would be a good idea on Saturday... And yes, there was a streaker. And yes, we were sitting in the third row. And yes, any pictures I managed to capture are too obscene for a PG rated blog. Let's just say that was my first real-life encounter, and hopefully my last.

After a weekend like this past one, anyone would need to catch up on their sleep. Needless to say, this upcoming weekend is sure to include no sleep at all. It happens to be Brooklyn's annual electronic music festival this weekend in New York. Electronic music? Me? No way. Only kidding once again... This girl will be in heaven.

In preparation I will be listening to this song on repeat. And if you don't like it you're crazy.

So here it is, not even Monday, and I'm already working for the next weekend. Friday simply cannot come soon enough. Time for me to rest up!

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