Monday, November 28, 2011

What a Tease

Thanksgiving break is such a tease. A few days of bliss, then I'm thrown right back into my same-old-same routine. Buzzkill. But with Thanksgiving coming and going, Christmas is right around the corner, and a month of me-time is what I am needing right now. With school becoming more and more of a chore on a daily basis (weird concept there, right?), I need a week or two to forget about school-related obligations.

This past weekend was the perfect opportunity to just relax with family, eat some good food, and catch up with a few old friends. This was also my first Black Friday shopping experience, and it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be.. Maybe due to the fact that my target stores to hit were a few boutiques and my all-time fav, Anthro. And as per usual, Anthropologie did not disappoint. To say I got some fabulous deals is an understatement. So, waking up for this beauty (which I snagged at a fraction of the original price) was well worth it.

I also managed to snag up another adorable jacket by Daughters of the Liberation, an assortment of tops and sweaters, a fur vest I've been searching for high and low, a BIG pocketbook (and guess what? it's NOT a sidebag), and some pretty new jewels. And when you get these things while they are on sale, the thrill of the hunt is that much sweeter. Unlike some other people I've been hearing about in the news, I didn't get too crazy over finding a good deal. This lady even maced a few people in order to be the first in line. Nothing spreads Christmas cheer like a good can of mace!

Shopping also served as a means to walk off some of those carbs I inhaled at the dinner table on Thanksgiving (and practically all weekend to be frank). Finally, I have come out of my turkey-induced food coma and if I never see another piece of turkey again in my life I will be completely content. Trying to eat healthier was a bad idea right before the holidays. Portion control, what in the world is that? 

I thought I wouldn't be able to bring myself to drive back up the mountain this morning. The only real motivation I had was this little guy sleeping beside me on the couch as we speak. George is such an angel pie, just wanna gobble him up! But I still wish the two of us were back home blogging, instead of one top of this mountain where everything is flooding. How am I supposed to accomplish anything with this dreary weather and an illness that is quickly approaching. Of course I would get sick right before finals.

The good news is: We only have one full week of school left. My last Fall semester of graduate school is coming to an end. Holy moly, where has the time gone?! I will get to see all of my favorite gals in just a few short weeks. Getting us all into one room is a recipe for disaster, but I cannot wait to see them. The bad news: time. is. going. to. d.r.a.g....

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