Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

It's that time of the year again. Finals, research papers, heavy drinking.... oh wait I'm talking about the present, not the past. In reality, I can't believe my first year of graduate school is already over. I don't feel like I have been stressed enough (this could be due to the fact that I still have a few more weeks to anticipate this dreaded emotion). Where does the time go?!

The weather is also changing. This has to be my favorite part of living in Boone. As much fun as a late-March, early-April snow/hailstorm may be, I would much rather prefer the type of weather we had today. A nice 75 degree day was just what I needed to end a perfectly lazy weekend. After soaking up the sun for about 2 hours, I now resemble a giant lobster. But hey, I would take this any day over the alternative.

This tiny preview of summer got me really excited. No matter what kind of mood you are in, the sun always has a way of reaching down into your soul and warming you. Without school to stress over, the summer is going to be full of many adventures and travels. Nothing too extreme, but still something out of the ordinary for me.

It really pays to have friends living in different parts of the country. I am now able to visit Texas (and see NKOTB/BSB nonetheless) and New York (this pretty much is enough in and of itself). Other destination points include: Tennessee (this doesn't sound as fun-- but the reason for the trip is enough to keep me on my toes for the next few months), South Carolina for a few beach weekend get-a-ways (thank you aunt Debra), and basically anywhere else the wind will take me. I am a free bird people and I'm gonna fly!

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