Monday, January 31, 2011

Nuggets: The Good and The Bad

Okay, so I am annoyed with the world right now. Everyone seems to be pushing all my buttons-- and I didn't even know I had so many! Since I know everyone is DYING to hear all about my day, I won't dilly-dally in getting right down to the point.

It's not just today really, it happened to be yesterday as well. I thought at first it may have had something to do with the loss of a friend from Saturday night. In particular, the friend I am referring to is Snooki. Yes, Nicole and I are officially bff's after our fateful encounter at Club Allure last weekend. Now, in the beginning, no one knew how serious I was in my quest to find this little bundle of joy. However, as the night progressed I became more and more obsessed. Imagine knowing you are so close to a dream and just giving up on it. Fat chance that was going to be the case.

Once I found out Snooks was stomping around in my homeland, all hell broke loose. I proceeded to drag all my friends (it may have been them just chasing me, but the details aren't important here) around town with me. To make a long story short, I got to meet my favorite little nugget and even got to snap some shots with her (once again, the details behind this are unimportant).

The point here is, once I woke up on Sunday I realized that I never exchanged numbers with Snooks (now how am I ever going to get famous). THIS is where everything went downhill. Ever since I was on top of the world, I realize how boring it is back down with all the common-folk. 

Obviously I am only half serious here. I just needed a little leeway to throw in the fact that I accomplished a goal of meeting someone who shares some of the same morals and interests that I do (once again, only half serious here-- sorry Mom!). The real point is that I am irritated to no end today. Why? Well I thought you would never ask...

I live with a roommate who thinks it is acceptable to have her boyfriend here 25/7. How can people even stand to be around each other for that long? It's called SPACE people, and if you don't have it once in a while you will go crazy. I have never understood those girls that drop everything for their boyfriend (especially when he is 4 only feet tall and has to sit on a stack of books when he is driving to see over the steering wheel). Okay, so maybe I am embellishing my stories tonight but you will never understand the severity of the issue unless I do that.

Unmotivated, irresponsible, immature people really bother me. I know some of you are thinking I just described myself but hello that was last week, get over the past! But honestly, this boy has no job, may or may not be in school (no one knows because he may or may not be a pathological liar), and has no motivation to do anything. He will be graduating from a two-year college at the same time I am graduating with a master's degree. Well there buddy, dream big!

I get where maybe I am coming off a little too mean here, but this is a toned down version of what I say to my mother on a regular basis (once again, sorry Mom for bringing it up yet again). Future blogs may include ideas to keep him out of the apartment. The best idea yet is to move the door knob up a few inches so he won't be able to reach it, guaranteed success.

I never thought a little nugget could give me so many problems! Aren't all nuggets supposed to be cute and sweet and bring you joy? My favorite nuggets include: Snooks of course, Chuy and Bryan because they define the word nugget, midgets because they make people smile, and Ryan Seacrest. I never knew there were bad nuggets out there until I met my roommate's boyfriend.

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