Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Growing Up Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be...

You know when you're a kid and all you can think about are all the possibilities that lie ahead of you when you grow up? They never tell you it's not that easy. There isn't a life planned out for you once you reach a certain age. There are many different paths you can take, the only problem is; how do you make sure you chose the right one?

I have come to a point in my life where I question most everything I do. I think long-term instead of in-the-moment, I like to think I use better judgment these days, and I think about mistakes I have made in the past in an effort to make a better future. But no one told me that life would be such a struggle at times.

I am very grateful for the life I live today, and I am fully aware of others who face far harder decisions than I will ever have to. Is it selfish to be concerned with such trivial things? Or is it commonplace for everyone my age? Over the past four years I have gone through many life changing experiences; some were bad, some were awful, and some were glorious. It is still hard to believe that four years of college have come and gone, and now I am faced with yet another challenge: What now?

I have never been good with change. Change is an utterly scary process. The world of the unknown is a scary place to be when you're still just a little girl deep down. After coming to another divergence in the path of life I did what any other logical college graduate would decide to do; I decided to stay in school. And now, yet again, I find myself questioning whether or not this was the right path.

In the long run, I know staying in school was the right decision for me. But right now, I find myself in some sort of Limbo; the "In Between" where no one seems to fit in or know where they are going. I find myself wandering around aimlessly in this new territory unsure as to which move to make next. Only time will tell...

Follow me in my quest to find myself, and hear some funny stories along the way. This should be interesting... 

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