Friday, April 20, 2012

Fuuuuurever Friends

Okay guys, I got a new cat. I don't know why it has taken me so long to blog about it, seeing how cats take up 90% of my life. 

This little bundle of joy wasn't always that way. In fact, when my mother and I would go visit her she wanted nothing to do with us, and she thoroughly enjoyed gnawing my poor mother to death. However, her disagreeable temperament reminded me of someone I know all too well. I like to think of her like a Sour Patch Kid; first she is sour then she is sweet.

It's not surprising that this little gal didn't have families chomping at the bit to take her home. Scared that little Piggy would never find a home, I had to get her. 

It has taken George a little while to get used to this new creature invading spaces that were once his. Although I think he enjoys the company, he would much rather go back to the good old days where he was the only child. White girl problems I tell ya.

Doesn't it just break your heart that there are so many pups and kits that don't have good homes? The thousands of them that have never known true love or companionship? Rachael Ray has teamed up with the ASPCA to help save more lives across the country, offering $100k to the shelter that saves the most lives between August 1 and October 31. I am over the top ecstatic that the Watauga Humane Society is a part of this challenge; even more ecstatic to know that others care about this topic as much as I do. Check out the website and learn more! Rachael Ray $100K Challenge 

In the meantime, I leave you with pics of the new addition. Try not to let your heart melt right out of your chest!


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  1. Mizz Piggy is quite the doll baby. Can't wait to meet your need bundle!