Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School, Back to School

Hello World, I live! After a brief hibernation period, I am coming back to the blogging world. It's not as if I haven't had anything news-worthy going on in my life, I have just been enjoying my last few weeks as a care-free college graduate. Until today. That's right, I start my first day of school in about five hours.

How do I put into words how I feel about this experience? I guess if I had to choose just one word, the most fitting word would be numb. I feel like life is happening and I am frozen in time, watching all of these events occur but being able to do nothing about it; I am an onlooker into my own life... and that is weird! Today begins a new chapter in my life; this idea is very intimidating as well as exciting. 

Change has always been difficult for me, but once I get into the swing of things life begins it's normal pace again. Or so I hope is the case this time. Uprooting my life and relocating to Columbia was a daunting task; however, not near as daunting of a task as the idea of staying in school for another four years. During my department's doctoral orientation I met a few students who were in their fifth and sixth years of study -- O.M.G. (I learned from some of my gal friends that when you put periods in between words or letters it gives the statement more importance; therefore O.M.G. > OMG). Please pray that I will not find myself in school for another 6+ years. Being in school until I am 28 is already scary enough.

So here is to a new chapter in my life. Here is to new experiences and the opportunity to grow into my own skin. Here is to finding myself and learning about others along the way. Let's just hope this chapter of my book doesn't last for more than four years ;) Wish me luck as I begin the journey on the path that leads me to the rest of my life. And let's hope that I find all my classes alright, man I feel like a freshman again!


  1. ;) Next girls weekend, it's Columbia baby!

  2. Yaay you're back! And I feel like a straight up freshman, since I don't know where anything on campus is. I thought being in grad school meant you're wiser?? Loved our FaceTime sesh yesterday, cant wait to chat again!