Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Procrastination Is The Only Thing That Keeps Me Going...

Here I am again, when I should clearly be doing something else. I am in graduate school, certainly I have SOMETHING more important to do than this. Obviously I should be doing schoolwork: reading something, writing a paper that's due in less than 24 hours, researching how to save the world. However, like usual, I am not.

I have always found that procrastination has paid off for me thus far. Granted, I am one stressed out woman and everyone knows to steer clear from me until I have reached my deadline, I always manage to get my work done. I have come to realize that my best work (okay, 'best' may be an exaggeration here but you get the idea) always comes from those sleepless nights where I find myself drinking lots of coffee (disgusting) and cranking out a final product. It never seems to fail, I ALWAYS procrastinate. Putting things off just comes naturally to me, and it has not done me too wrong thus far (knock on wood).
For the life of me, I just cannot seem to do things ahead of time. I am always in a rush, and for the most part, I am usually a late-arrival to basically everything. Clearly this is not a positive characteristic about myself (if I could I would get up a little earlier, it's not my fault the alarm clock decided to snooze on my behalf). But I swear, I have taken steps in order to try to become a new person in many aspects of my life (the ones that matter at least).

I have started a healthy living regime. I am working out more than I can ever remember doing, I am eating much better (besides my chocolate treat I hide to sneak last night, oops!), and I am conscious of other behaviors that weren't very positive in my life. As I like to remind everyone, I am deathly afraid of change; so this is a huge milestone for me.
Baby steps, baby steps people!

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