Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some Things Never Change

Howdy folks! Coming at you live from my brand new home in beautiful Boone-town. It's 1 in the morning (a little late for this grandma) and I'm a little loopy. After finally getting settled in after a short-lived trip to The City, my apartment is finally starting to come together. After getting everything unpacked and put away (because everything has a home), I needed a new project. You know, something new that I can buy. Big surprise. The focus of this new obsession became my bed.

Now for all of you who don't know, Anthropologie happens to be one of my favorite stores. I'm fairly certain that if my pocketbook allowed it, I would own one of everything from the store. However, this is real life and I am still a college student (sort-of). It is essential that I find a cute, yet sophisticated bedding set that still allows me to care for my tiny child. Anyway, back to the issue at hand here, I started perusing the internet to get some good mix-n-match ideas. Needless to say, I didn't even have to look far for bedroom style inspiration, I have a mother who has impeccable taste. Honestly, she needs to be an interior decorator. Her styling tips have been much needed, and this 'vision' is slowly but surely coming together.

After snagging a great duvet from Pottery Barn, I realized I would need a new sheet set to add on to this new look. What came to my mind? Monogramming. Duh. And unlike the sheet set I have now (with a dinky little monogram on the edge of the pillow), I plan to go all out on this new sheet set. If I could monogram everything I would. I have even seen a small child's dresser on display that I contemplated buying, for the sole reason that it was monogrammed. If I could get a hold of George for more than 2 seconds, I would probably try to monogram his initials into his fur. 

CWG. Curious George Washington, duh.

A classic monogram is something that will never go out of style. And as long as I have something that can be stamped with my initials, let me at it. Too much is never enough. 

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