Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everyone Has a Passion

So after taking a night off from work, I was left with many options to occupy my time. Naturally, I chose to do some decorating and unpacking since I have become so boring lately. The old me would have definitely chosen something along the lines of drinking and dancing, the new me not so much. This led me to question what are some of the things I still really enjoy, despite my age.

1. I love laughing. There is nothing better than smiling. It is always better to find the good in something rather than letting the little things get to you. And if you even know me a little bit, you know that I can make a joke out of anything and enjoy making others laugh. It is the best exercise afterall.
2. I love dancing. Whether it is in the shower or in the car, dancing is something that will never get old. Although my dancing styles have changed over the years (going from dancing with my lower body to now strictly using my upper body), the dancing has ceased to stop.

3. I love music. Duh, how else could you dance without the stuff? I guess you could dance to the music in your head but it wouldn't be nearly as fun. Music can appeal to any emotion. Whether you're feeling sad, happy, mad, or funky, there is always something out there that can tickle your fancy.
4. This one probably goes without saying, but I love my little boy Georgie. He brings so much entertainment into my life and he gives me unconditional affection. He plays hard to get at times, but that's what I like about him. He makes you fight for his attention; he truly takes after his mother.

5. Speaking of mother, I love mine. After years of my teenage angst, we have finally reached such a peaceful and happy point in our relationship. There is absolutely nothing like a mother's love and guidance. I can only hope to be as strong and supporting as she has been.

6. I love rainy days. Most people would prefer a beautiful day outdoors. I am the complete opposite. Give me a rainy day off of work and the possibilities are endless. Finish up a book you haven't had time to read, light some candles and put on a good playlist, find time to finish a project you've been meaning to complete. Rainy days like these are few and far between.
7. I love a good book. I have always enjoyed reading (for fun only, school is a completely different story). There is nothing better than finding a book that you simply cannot put down. Does this make me sound like an old fart? Oh well. My author of choice is Jodi Picoult. I don't think she has ever written a book that I didn't like.

8. I love being self-sufficient. As much as I hate working recently, I really enjoy being able to make my own money. Given my online shopping habit, it is essential that I am able to balance the budget... Could this be a calling? Jamie Duncan, the next Republican presidential candidate? Not this year folks, but keep an eye out.
9. I love good friends. Being able to keep in touch with close friends is something I value deeply. I am fortunate enough to have close relationships with best friends from high school as well as college. Maintaining a good friendship requires effort, and if your friends are true friends, the effort is well worth it.

10. I love being passionate about life. I do everything big; I laugh big, I cry big, I love big, and I get mad... BIG. I have noticed lately how emotional I become about things. Luckily, due to the guidance of my mother, I am able to put things into perspective. I am truly blessed in this life and constantly feel the need to celebrate in a BIG way.
To sum it all up, I guess you could say I have somewhat settled into my skin and have become very content with life in general. Don't get me wrong, I will never get tired of having a good time. I just think my definition of a 'good time' has changed over the years. And I am perfectly, undoubtedly content with that.

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